Chocolate “Crumb-Cake” Cookies

May 29, 2020Cookies Recipes


Dates  –  1 cup plus 1/4 cup, firmly packed SUPER SOFT dates

Vanilla Extract  – 2 teaspoons

Sea Salt  – 1/4 teaspoon

Olive Oil  – 3 tablespoons

Cacao Powder  – 1/4 cup, firmly packed

Almond Butter  – 1 cup (crunchy or creamy, drained of excess oil)


Yield: 24 cookies


1. Blend

In a food processor, blend dates, vanilla, salt, and oil until smooth and paste-like. Add last: cacao powder and almond butter. Blend until well combined. Mixture should resemble the texture of cookie dough when pressed together with fingers.

2. Shape

Using a tablespoon-sized mini scooper, form rounds by scooping the dough onto a cookie sheet. Slightly flatten the rounds with a fork to form crisscross hash marks. This technique helps add texture and crispiness as the cookies bake. Cookies should not be thin; they should be slightly thick, about 1/2 inch high.

3. Bake

Bake cookies at 350 degrees for about 12 minutes (or sooner – until the edges and bottoms slightly start to brown). Don’t over-cook or they will burn! Promptly remove cookies from the oven. Cookies will be very delicate upon removal; use a fork or stainless steel spatula to place them on a plate. Cool cookies for about 20-30 minutes. Edges will be crispy and the insides will be a tender cake-like  “crumbly” texture.



-Create chocolate thumbprint cookies and fill them with a fresh fruit compote (i.e. raspberry, agave, dash of lemon juice, and salt).

-Add chopped nuts stirred in by hand before scooping the dough into rounds, or simply sprinkle the tops of the cookies with chopped nuts.

-Use a cookie cutter to create special shapes for a special occasion.

-After forming cookie rounds, bake a few cookies and freeze the rest like a pre-made cookie dough. This makes it easy to snack on a few cookies at a time if desired.

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